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SARL with a capital of €30 000
19 Rue de la Scierie
Lieu-Dit Montauban
17810 Nieul-Les-Saintes
SIRET: 793718149 00016 
VAT: FR 11 793718149

Each wine region has its classification of soils, also called Crus.

Grands Crus or Premiers Crus are the highest legal names in a region, producing extremely fine wines in very limited quantities."

Premier Grands Crus is committed to exclusively offering wines and spirits from the top of the Crus classification explained below:


Les 6 Crus de Cognac

 The defined Cognac region is made up of 6 Crus :
- Grande Champagne
- Petite Champagne
- Borderies
- Fins Bois
- Bons Bois
- Bois Ordinaires

Premiers Grands Crus only select cognacs from the Grande Champagne legally classed as Premier Cru de Cognac .

These Cognacs are famous for their great finesse and exceptional flavours after a long ageing process.


The defined Champagne region is made up of 320 Crus also called villages.

Only 17 villages are legally classed as Grands Crus and 42 Premiers Crus.

Premiers Grands Crus only select Grands Crus  and Premiers Crus Champagnes which come from 59 villages.


Premiers Grands Crus only select Grand Cru Classé, Cru Classé and Grand Cru Bordeaux.


Only 10 towns from the Bourgogne region benefit from theGrand Cru classification. These wines represent 1.5% of Bourgogne production.

Premiers Grands Crus only select Bourgognes Grands Crus et Premiers Crus recognised as Bourgogne’s best wines.