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Moussé Fils Terre d'Illite 2018
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Moussé Fils Terre d'Illite 2018

Champagne - Extra brut - Blanc de noirs - Moussé Fils
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Stored in air-conditioned cellar
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Grape varieties
Pinot Meunier 80%
Pinot Noir 20%
Moussé Fils

Moussé Fils

The Champagne Moussé Fils is a family business with a history going back several generations, embodying the tradition, passion and craftsmanship of the Champagne. 

Founded by François Moussé in the early 20th century, the house is located in the village of Cuisles, in the heart of the prestigious Vallée de la Marne region, in Champagne. 

The history of the Moussé family is closely linked to that of Champagne. François Moussé, the company's founder, was a passionate winemaker who decided to start producing Champagne to carry on the family tradition. With determination and know-how, he planted his first vines and began to produce quality Champagnes, renowned for their finesse and elegance. 

Over the generations, the Moussé family has passed on its know-how and love of the land, preserving traditional values while adapting to the evolving Champagne market. Today, Moussé Fils is still run by members of the family, who are committed to perpetuating the winegrowing heritage with passion and devotion. 

The terroir of Vallée de la Marne is a major asset for the quality of Champagnes Moussé Fils. The vineyards cover almost 10 hectares, mainly located in the villages of Cuisles and Jonquery. The terroir of the Vallée de la Marne is characterized by its clay-limestone soils, which favor optimal ripening of the grapes and contribute to the freshness and vivacity of the Champagnes. 

The vines are carefully cultivated, using environmentally friendly practices. Moussé Fils attaches great importance to preserving biodiversity and soil health, avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals. 

Harvesting is carried out by hand, allowing careful selection of the ripest, healthiest bunches, ensuring the optimum quality of the grapes used to make Champagnes Moussé Fils. 

Vinification is a meticulous, artisanal process, where every detail counts. The grapes are delicately pressed, and the juices are vinified separately to pRéserver purity of aroma and freshness of fruit. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats, and some of the wines undergo malolactic fermentation to add roundness and complexity to the cuvées. 

Maturing takes place mainly in stainless steel vats and oak barrels, offering a wide range of aromas and a silky texture to the cuvées. The Champagnes are aged on lees for an extended period, giving them great complexity and finesse. 

The Champagnes Moussé Fils stand out for their elegance, freshness and authenticity. They offer a complex aromatic palette, ranging from fresh fruit to hints of toast, floral and spicy nuances. On the palate, Champagnes are well-balanced, with a delicate effervescence and a lingering finish, which testify to their high quality.

The house offers a varied range of cuvées, from Champagnes non Millésimés to prestige cuvées. Each cuvée expresses the unique character of its terroir of origin, reflecting the diversity and richness of the Champagne terroir.

Critics Moussé Fils Terre d'Illite 2018.

Tim Atkin

Description Moussé Fils Terre d'Illite 2018.

The cuvée Terre d'Illite , in reference to this green clay, which in the 19th century not only nourished the family's vines but also supplied its brickworks, as witnessed by these bricks stamped "Moussé" found in neighboring houses.

This Blanc de noirs is composed of 80% Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir from Cuisles, commune of the Vallée de la Marne. The 2018 harvest began on September 4 after a relatively wet winter, followed by a Sec spring that yielded very healthy berries.

This cuvée is a selection of the best juices and vinified in stainless steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation is carried out to bring a nice roundness to the wine and the filtration process is done on fine earth without fining.

The bottles have benefited from 50 months of aging in the Maison's cellars and the wine is dosed Extra-Brut at 2 g/L.

This 2018 Terre d'Illite cuvée stands out from the others in the Moussé et Fils range and will pair perfectly with a sweet/savory or spicy dish such as a tajine.