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Bollinger PN16 VZ Champagne Pinot Noir


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The unique vision of Pinot Noir by the Champagne house Bollinger.

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Pinot Noir is one of the pillars of the Bollinger style and the House has built its reputation by magnifying this grape. The PN cuvée, of which this first edition will see the light of day in 2020, is the result of research into the taste of Pinot Noir and its different origins in Champagne. It helps to extend that legacy and assert Bollinger's legendary style - while reinventing itself every year.

100% Pinot Noir (Blanc de Noirs). It is a cru that comes mainly from Verzenay, associated with other villages (Aÿ, Bouzy and Tarifières). The maturation time in the cellar is twice the rules of the Appellation.

The dosage is 7 grams per liter.

PN VZ16 is a wine to share between enthusiasts, in search of the different expressions of Pinot Noir in Champagne. To highlight its unique style and aromas, we recommend serving PN VZ16 between 8 and 10 ° C. You can taste PN VZ16 now, or choose to let it develop in the cellar.

Size : 750ml
Alcohol Degree : 12°
Appellation : Champagne
Grapes : 100% PINOT NOIR
Quality : Brut

The origin of the Bollinger House is Athanase de Villermont (born in Cuis in 1763 and died in Aÿ in 1840), a marine officer in the French army, who excelled during the US independence war, most notably during the Chesapeake battle on the 29th of April 1781.

A few years later, he inherited a vast family estate around the town of Aÿ, a territory well-known for the wines of Aÿ, that would later be named “Champagne”. His origins didn’t allow him to devote himself to trade, so he had the great idea to create in February of 1829 a House of Champagne wines, in the form of a company. The House is named Renaudin-Bollinger and Co: Joseph Bollinger would take care of trade while Paul Renaudin would be cellar master.

Joseph Bollinger married Louise-Charlotte in 1837, daughter to Athanase de Villermont. Joseph was born to this married couple, followed by Georges. Both faced with courage and success the Phylloxera crisis in 1875 and 1895 and the Great war. Jacques Bollinger, son of Georges, became head of the House in 1920, and married Elizabeth Law de Lauriston-Boubers in 1923, who became a widow during the second World War but kept managing the Bollinger House on her own.

The Bollinger generation carried on and in 1994, the House is managed by Joseph Bollinger’s great grandson.

While the family still owns it, the House is currently managed for the first time in its history by a stranger, Jérôme Philippon, a talented manager with a great career path.

The Bollinger House, which has been for almost two centuries constantly in search for excellence, is one of the last few houses to still have a cooper. He cares every day for 3.500 barrels, among which some are more than a 100 years old. An expertise that the House aims to sustain.

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