Château Troplong Mondot

Château Troplong Mondot

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Château Troplong Mondot

Figuring among the spearheads of the Saint-Emilion appellation, Château Troplong-Mondot stands as a model, with the quality of its wines born above all through passion. Established on the highest point of the appellation, it was initially called Château Mondot and belonged to Romain Desèze, defender of King Louis XVI. It was later owned by Raymond Troplong, a lawyer and politician, who acquired it in 1850 and gave it its final name.

The Success Story of Troplong-Mondot is unquestionably linked to the Valette family, merchants at Bordeaux, who bought it in the 1920s. Starting in the 1980s, Christine Valette-Pariente and her husband Xavier Paliente guided Domaine to excellence, placing it in the pantheon of great wines.

The Domaine is now owned by the SCOR Group since 2017, with Aymeric de Gironde taking the reins as general manager, wanting to make Troplong-Mondot one of the greatest wines on the international wine scene.

It was during the revision of the Saint-Emilion classification in 2006 that Château Troplong-Mondot was crowned Premier Grand Cru Classé, a position it has held ever since.

The Château Troplong-Mondot reigns over a 33-hectare vineyard that benefits from ideal geological conditions, thanks to clays and flints that enter into the composition of the soils, as well as limestone and silty clays. The grape varieties are 85% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Cabernet Franc. The wines are aged for 12 to 18 months in French oak barrels, 75 to 80% of which are new.

Mondot is the Second wine produced by the property.

The Château Troplong-Mondot cultivates precision and complexity in its wines. They are intended to be elegant, racy and have great aromatic persistence.